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Get 5 booked sales calls monthly so you can make a livable wage and beyond in your business.

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More Leads And Sales, Please!

If you're like many business owners, you're posting on social media everyday only to get more likes and follows, but no sales.

And I love my social media followers and all, but it seems like every other new follower has a sketchy profile pic and spammy-looking posts...I mean, are they even a real person??

Yet I see so many entrepreneurs mistakenly focus on growing a following when they have no control over who sees their content or who follows their account. 

So it takes them longer to make sales because they're not consistently putting their content in front of their ideal clients.

5 Booked Sales Calls Per Month

Facebook ads put your content in front of your ideal clients and converts them into leads.

You can:

  • 🏆 Target an interest-based audience that matches your ideal client
  • 🏆 Use conversion ads that find ACTION TAKERS
  • 🏆 Get back in front of specific people to move them from cold traffic, to lead, to booked sales call
  • 🏆 Show ads to your ENGAGED followers (the real ones) and turn them into a lead so you can make offers without the algorithm in the way

It's just faster and more efficient to find your ideal clients with Facebook ads.

Once your new leads opt-in, they get an immediate opportunity to book a sales call with you. If they don't book right away, that's okay! Because your automated email sequence will get them to book for you. 

"There just doesn't seem to be enough time to learn Facebook Ads"

This is probably the most common thing I hear from my clients and prospects.

Carving out the time to...

  • Take a course
  • Optimize their ads
  • Improve their conversions
  • Run their business (and possibly a 9-5, too)
  • Be present at home
  • Squeeze in self-care

The time just doesn't exist. 😮‍💨🥱😵‍💫

I will create your Facebook ads, write your welcome email sequence, and optimize your opt-in page and sales call booking page for you! ...So you can focus on selling and client delivery.

Learning curve skipped, new clients booked. ✅ 

ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup $3,000

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How many people have you talked to about your business this month?

I mean REAL conversations that had the potential to lead to a sale??

Like a 2-way situation where you said something, then they they said something, then you said something back???

Having a conversation with qualified prospects who are interested in your offer has the highest rate of making sales because of the human-to-human interaction. 

So we want to get you as many qualified prospects as you can handle who are interested in your offer for you to talk to.

Let me check in with you for a moment - how do you feel about sales calls?

If sales calls make you nervous, then it's time to reframe your belief. 

A Value-Based Sales Call is a conversation about a prospect's biggest challenges so you can match them up with a solution.

Research shows that calls are 96% more successful when the entrepreneur focuses on easing the prospect's pain points rather than focusing on why their offer is the best on the market.

With this approach, no force and no convincing is needed.

And once you get on board with helping people by having conversations, you'll always be able to make money.

In which case, Facebook ads that generate booked sales calls are your next best step.

In my signature service ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup, I get my clients 5 booked sales calls per month with Facebook ads so they can make a livable wage in their business. Click the link to book a free consultation. 

A Value-Based Sales Script that focuses on solving problems is included as a BONUS so you can close more deals without feeling like you're forcing your offer on your prospects.

ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup $3,000

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The Facebook Ad Agency Experience


WITHOUT The Monthly Ad Agency Fee!

Get 5 booked sales calls per month! 

You'll get: 

  • The professional ads agency setup (copy, creative, welcome email sequence, opt-in page optimization and booking page optimization included)
  • 1:1 training on how to manage your ads so you don't have to pay an ongoing agency fee


  • FREE Value-Based Sales Call Script. Sign a new client a minimum of 40% of the time (2 sales is automatic profit from your Facebook ads!) No pushy sales tactics...ever.

And it can be setup in only 1-2 weeks depending on your schedule.

ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup $3,000

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Spending money on Facebook ads might feel a little scary. Here's why the fear of losing money no longer needs to hold you back from taking needed action.  

Making the decision to run Facebook ads can be scary because spending money is involved. And most-likely, your money is hard-earned. So no one, including me, wants to lose it on Facebook ads. 

But people who lose money on ads usually have just transferred their "post-and-hope" strategy to "advertise-and-hope." Whereas I have a specific Facebook Ads Budgeting Formula that allows you to calculate:

  • ⭐️ How much you should spend on ads
  • ⭐️ How much is too expensive to pay for ads (so we can turn them off before you lose money)
  • ⭐️ And how much profit you can make on your ads before you even turn them on
I run a full Profit Projection Report for my clients so they can see what their profit margins will be and how to make their money back from their ad spend.

Without Change, There Is No New Result


Book A Free Consultation If...

  • You want 5 booked sales calls per month (in the next 1-2 weeks!)
  • You're tired of organic posting that produces little to no leads or sales
  • You have a minimum of $500 per month to invest in Facebook ads
  • You don't want to pay an ad agency fee that could run you $2,500/month!
  • You don't want to wait to finish a $3000 12-week course on how to do this yourself before you start to get more leads and sales

ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup $3,000


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Right now, you're not getting the revenue you want in your business because...

>> YOU'RE FOCUSING ON ORGANIC. You're doing your best to create "the right" social media content and, honestly, you don't even hope to go viral... but it'd be nice if at least your followers would see it! If you're like me, you hop from one organic strategy to the next, hoping something will work, but the sales are non-existent. And you blame yourself, thinking you're doing something wrong. But you're not doing anything wrong except expecting it to immediately increase your sales.
>> YOU DON'T LIKE SELLING. Do you avoid selling and passively wait for prospects to sell themselves? Maybe you've had a bad experience with sales, either as the customer or as the salesperson, and you may not even realize how much it has affected you. It's time to heal from your trauma so you can reach your revenue goals. You don't have to be apologetic about selling when you understand selling is an act of service. You can change lives (your client's and yours) by holding conversations that help you match your signature solution to their problem.
>> YOU SIMPLY DON'T HAVE TIME. As it is, you might be side-hustling after your 9-5, your home life needs attention, and sleep is a requirement of life that you can't skip. When your plate is over-full, finding time to master Facebook ads would leave you no time to actually run your business. And maybe you've even tried Facebook ads, but you couldn't dedicate your time to get them profitable because, again, the full-plate-thing. You're not alone, this is incredibly common. Let me help you. Help me, help you. 
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What's Included In ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup...


5 Booked Calls Per Month

Customized conversion ads will be created and placed in front of the audience where your ideal client hangs out. This is where Facebook ads shine! Here's what's included:

  • Image/Video editing that captures attention and stops the scroll
  • Conversion Ad Copy that pre-qualifies your leads and earns the click through to your opt-in page. 
  • Profit Projection Report that details how you can get your money back from your ads
  • 1:1 Training for managing your ads in less than 20 min. a day on most days
  • BONUS: 30 days of ads management support after setup; including up to two 1:1 sessions and email correspondence as needed

Welcome Email Sequence 

Now that you've got new, qualified leads interested in your offer, let's genuinely help them. If they haven't booked a call with you yet, your email sequence will further provide the reassurance they need to know your offer can solve their problem. Here's what's included:

  • 14-Day welcome email sequence
  • Delivers problem-based content that focuses on your credibility and abilty to provide a real solution
  • Invites your leads to book a call with you where you can finish helping them make their purchase

Opt-In Page and Consult Booking Page Copywriting 

Language that clearly communicates the specific wanted outcomes that your offer promises is what will sell your offer. Here's what's included:

  • A complete Ideal Client Profile Assessment so that the copy addresses their wants, needs, and challenges 
  • 1:1 discovery calls with you to glean facts about your offer and your ideal client 
  • Conversion copy that earns the lead, moves them to book a call, and preps them for the final sale

Value-Based Sales Call Script 

If your offer matches your prospect's needs, solves their problem, and gives them what they want - then you've got a sale! This sales call script is designed to help both parties discover if you're a good fit to work together. Here's what's included in the script:

  • An early yet logical discussion around the prospects ability to invest/pay so that there are no surprises when you say the price of your offer
  • A natural transition through conversation that reveals their biggest challenges
  • A process for pairing their problems with the solutions provided in your offer so that the sale makes sense (if there's a match) and no convincing is needed
  • A confident close that leaves you both feeling like the right decision was reached

ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup $3,000

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"112 new leads and 11 booked sales calls on $20/day ad-spend."

- Client results for BK International Education Consultancy
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Right now you might be feeling some helplessness, even hopelessness. Because you've tried everything you know. What else is left? Failure? Give up? Go back to the 9-5? It's time to be solution-focused.

With Facebook ads, it's easier than ever to efficiently get your offer in front of your ideal client. It's not like organic posting where you're contending with an algorithm that stifles your content reach.

Once your ads are converting your audience into leads, you'll get consistent booked sales calls and more revenue in your business.

Imagine what you will gain:

A non-consuming strategy that works.

A livable wage from the revenue you generate.

This will change both your business and your life.

There's always a solution to the challenges you face in your business.


I'm Amber McDuffie

Like most people, I go by many titles: Content Creator, Digital Marketer, Facebook Ads Specialist...

But my real identity is Lover of Life.

I was an elementary school assistant principal for 5 years, and I just always felt stifled by the person I was expected to be. I was amazing at my job, and yet, I always felt like I was only tapping into 1/10 of my real leadership abilities.

I'm the type that could learn anything - and I mean ANYTHING! But I was boxed into these tasks that I had already mastered only 3 years into that role. Sure, I was up for a promotion to principal, but I knew that one day I would hit a ceiling...and I was already pretty close to it. Could I really see myself spending 17 more years there until retirement? Nope.

I finally realized that I'm more than just a professional, well-mannered woman who follows all the rules. I'm creative, and silly, and wanted to enjoy more of life. Starting my own business gave me the freedom to literally create my own rules and show up as my real self. The unboxed me where I get to be creative, and fun, and professional all at the same time.

For a few years I ran Facebook ads for my online course and coaching on the side until I finally got the courage to go full-time in my business. I now have more than 6 years of experience in Facebook ads, email marketing, and sales funnel expertise. 

The day I decided to resign from my job and pursue the fullness of life through creativity and business is the day I started living as myself.

And I'm here to inspire you to be yourself, explore the ideas that come to you, and create your own reality.

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