Amber McDuffie, Founder

Hey there! Like most people, I go by many titles: Content Creator, Digital Marketer, Facebook Ads Expert...

But my real identity is Lover of Life,

I was an elementary school assistant principal for 5 years, and I just always felt stifled by the person I was expected to be. I was amazing at my job, and yet, I always felt like I was only tapping into 1/10 of my real leadership abilities.

I'm the type that could learn anything - and I mean ANYTHING! But I was boxed into these tasks that I had already mastered only 3 years into that role. Sure, I was up for a promotion to principal, but I knew that one day I would hit a ceiling...and I was already pretty close to it. Could I really see myself spending 17 more years there until retirement? Nope.

I finally realized that I'm more than just a professional, well-mannered woman who follows all the rules. I'm creative, and silly, and wanted to enjoy more of life. Starting my own business gave me the freedom to literally create my own rules and show up as my real self. The unboxed me where I get to be creative, and fun, and professional all at the same time.

For a few years I ran Facebook ads for my online course and coaching on the side until I finally got the courage to go full-time in my business. I now have more than 6 years of experience in Facebook ads, email marketing, and sales funnel expertise. 

The day I decided to resign from my job and pursue the fullness of life through creativity and business is the day I started living as myself.

And I'm here to inspire you to be yourself, explore the ideas that come to you, and create your own reality.

Top Tier Standards

I'm the type of business woman that wants more for you than from you.


My mission is to help online business owners create life-changing revenue by meeting their monthly sales goals.


I will have an engaged community of high-performing business owners who are consistently reaching their revenue goals.


  • Freedom and flexibility
  • People, connection and relationships
  • Time and efficiency
  • Abundance

2 Facebook Ad Copy Templates

2 ways to write compelling copy that will lower your ad costs and grow your email list with leads that you can convert to clients.