Can Facebook Ads Really Be That Simple?

Oct 24, 2022

Let me pause and mention that simple doesn't mean effortless or absent of hard work. I'm talking more about "uncomplicated." Facebook ads don't have to be complicated (although a complex Facebook ads funnel works too).

See I'm learning that everything isn't either/or. Sometimes both are true - Facebook ads can be complicated or simple. Either way...they work.

So let's talk about the simple way since that's why I think you're reading this blog post.

The #1 Facebook ad always has been, and always will be, a conversion ad. You'll need a conversion ad somewhere in your strategy whether you use a simple or complex strategy.

Because conversion ads are designed to go out and find action-takers. People ready to convert... (Into a lead, into a buyer...into whatever your goal is - book a consult, subscribe to your membership, etc.)

So one of the simplest ways you can use Facebook conversion ads is to build your audience by growing your email list. Here's the funnel: Conversion Ad --> Lead Magnet --> Email sequence.

This is a constant running funnel that will feed your business with a constant source of new leads to nurture and sell to. It's basic. And it works.

And guess what else...??? It's actually very satisfying and fulfilling. 

Especially if you've at all ever tried organic social media growth methods. The crickets you hear on good content is heartbreaking 💔.

And then for the hard work that you put into your content to not only go unnoticed or barely seen...But then to also go dormant, never to resurface in your followers' newsfeed again 😩...It's cruel.

But when you have an email list of targeted leads who have more direct access to your email content (no algorithms to contend with there...) Then you finally feel like your amazing content is reaching someone - and not just anyone...but the right people. Because when you grow your email list with conversion ads, you're putting your lead magnet in front of people who are interested in what you sell...And those people are then on your email list where they get to actually see your content regularly.

In the event your business growth feels stagnant, despite the hard work you're doing with content marketing...seeing your email list grow every day can really change your attitude. Literally, you could feel more excited about the possibilities in your business because you see growth 📈 in real time.

Now, running Facebook ads isn't an opportunity to stop working in your business and just sit back while the money rolls in (that's not realistic). The idea is to shift your energy and attention to creating less content of even better quality because you're no longer trying to pump out enough social media posts to keep your account growing with new followers.

Better, more thoughtful content (even when it's less in quantity) is more likely to build stronger relationships and trust with your audience...And that's what leads to sales.

I'll teach you more about how to sell your course with Facebook ads right here.

What's considered quality content?

✅ It touches on your core message

✅ You spend time pairing the graphics and the copy...and you don't feel rushed because you know this ONE piece can be repurposed in multiple places (email, video, social post, blog, etc.)

✅ You feel it in your gut lol. I'm serious sit back and feel like it's a damn good piece of content. 😌 And because you know your email subscribers will ACTUALLY get to see it, you don't feel bad that you spent so much time on it.

✅ The creation process and time-frame is up to you 😉. There's no set amount of time it should take you...just make sure you finish it and get it out there. I'd prioritize email content, if I were you, and then repurpose from there.

Learn Facebook conversion ads in less than 2 hours.

Amber McDuffie is a Marketing Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist who teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully market their business using Facebook and Instagram ads. 

2 Facebook Ad Copy Templates 

2 ways to write compelling copy that will lower your ad costs and grow your email list with leads that you can convert to clients.


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