The Polar Bear Swim of Marketing

Aug 09, 2022
Amber McDuffie sitting on a rock by the ocean in Puerto Rico.

Polar Bear Swim: Taking a swim in ice cold water.

My friend sent her son to summer camp up north (Michigan) when he was about 8 or 9...And each morning at 6:30 AM they had to jump off the dock into the lake and hop right back out. 

My friend's son hated it. But he was an obedient kid and did what he was told.

After 4 weeks, any camper who did the polar bear swim every day would get an ice cream. It was a small reward for jumping into bone-chilling water everyday, but I guess discipline and resilience was the bigger reward.

I personally think discipline and resilience are better taught with a bigger, more meaningful payoff (good health, money, vacation, etc.)...otherwise it seems a little like a form of control and brainwashing. But that's just me. 

"The payoff wasn't bigger than the pain."

Anyway, on the last day of the polar bear swim challenge, my friend's son heard that the swim had been optional the whole time and not required. Relieved (and probably a little mad - I would be!), he decides NOT to swim on the last day. True story.

The camp counselors couldn't believe it. Even his mom was shocked when she found out later.

How could he throw away all of those days of (basically) torcher and sacrifice when he was so close to getting the reward?

Easy: The payoff wasn't bigger than the pain.

For me, that's organic social media all day long. Not only have the larger social media platforms purposely made it difficult to succeed organically (they'd prefer you pay for ads)...But the effort that it would take to actually be successful organically (it's possible) takes up all your time...for years.

You basically have to become a full-time content creator...and for what? The payoff is a slow increase of a few new followers who may or may not be in your target audience.

And then those who are in your target audience only amount to a few sales here and there. The payoff of a few sales is not bigger than spending every day creating 3-5 pieces of high level content that would lead to a sale.

"Marketing is a basic business expense."

I refuse to go polar bear swimming on Instagram or Facebook when I can invest in advertising like businesses have done for decades. Marketing is a basic business expense. It always has been.

With Facebook ads, I can create 1 amazing piece of content and tell Facebook to show it directly to my target audience.

Then I get to just enjoy the time I spend on social media...posting and engaging to connect instead of desperately trying to grow a business for free.

But...I may be preaching to the choir...or so I'm hoping.

You probably came to me because you're tired of the terrible results you're getting on social media, and you're already convinced that Facebook ads are a good investment when done the right way.

If so, I want you to join me in the Facebook Ads Revenue Workshop for free in September.

Together we're going to:

1. Set Your 1st Quarter Revenue Goal

2. Outline Offer(s), Price, Launch Dates, and Benchmark Goals

3. Create Your Core Message

4. Create Your Facebook Ad Schedule (Conversion Ad and Retargeting Ads)

5. Create Your Organic Content Plan and Messaging

Free, live weekly coaching included.

It's best for course creators, coaches/consultants, and online service providers.

Sign up on the waitlist so you don't miss out!

Full Disclosure: The workshop is 100% free. AFTER the workshop, I'll have a new program open where we will be implementing your entire Facebook Ads Revenue Plan step-by-step over the next 6 months. That one is a paid program. However, you will have the customized plan that you need to make $30K in sales when you complete the workshop even if you don't join me in the paid program. The paid program is where I will coach you through looking at and using your advertising data, creating your launch assets, and making your sales pitches. Still working on a name for it!

Amber McDuffie is a digital marketer and content creator who teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully market their business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

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