Retargeting Ads On Facebook and Instagram

facebook ads Aug 15, 2022

Have you ever visited a business profile on Facebook or Instagram and clicked around a little on their page...And then within a few scrolls you see an ad by that same business? You were being retargeted as an engaged audience member.

The same can happen if you visit their website (the chance is a little less likely that you'll be retargeted if you've opted out of tracking)...

...Or watched a video...or joined their email list...or clicked on their ad.

If you're reading this, it's very possible that you've seen my most recent video ad floating around on FB and IG because I'm retargeting my warm audience.

And you should be using retargeting ads too.

Conversion ads that grow your email list are more costly because it's going to a cold audience. A lot of people who see the ad won't pay you any attention. (If you can get 2% of the people to engage you're doing something really good!)

But with a warm audience, your retargeting ads will cost less because they've already shown some type of interest and are more likely to interact again.

So running ads to keep your products and services in front of them is well worth the ad spend because they're a lot further on the customer journey than your cold audience. That means they're more and more likely to make a purchase with each additional interaction as they begin to connect with and trust your brand.

If you're wondering what to put in your retargeting ads to encourage them to make a purchase...

Then attend the Facebook Ads Revenue Workshop.

The workshop will offer On Demand access so you can get the training at the time that is best for your schedule.

This is your chance to map out your revenue goals and then plan your advertising and marketing strategy so you can reach those goals.

If you missed my YouTube video Retargeting Facebook Ads: Which Type of Ad to over and watch to get some details about how and why I ran the ad in the image above!

 Amber McDuffie is a digital marketer and content creator who teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully market their business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

2 Facebook Ad Copy Templates 

2 ways to write compelling copy that will lower your ad costs and grow your email list with leads that you can convert to clients.


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