Running Facebook Ads On A Small Budget

facebook ads Sep 03, 2022

Want to run Facebook ads to grow your business, but you're not sure if your small budget will cut it? Keep reading to learn how $500 per month can translate into more visibility, leads, and sales for your business.

Getting Qualified Leads To Sell To

First things first, you gotta get more eyes on your business. But not just any eyes...targeted leads who are qualified to do business with you.

To quickly and cost effectively find qualified leads in your target audience, you want to run conversion ads. Let's say it costs $10 per lead (I get leads for less than $4 each, but I want to show you what's possible even if your leads are expensive)...You would get 50 new quality leads on your email list that you can follow up with every single month.

Pro Tip: Capitalize on the moment someone becomes a lead by doing 1 of 2 things:

  1. Make an entry-level offer: Instead of a lead magnet thank you page, send your new lead to a low-cost offer sales page. This can help you immediately recover the cost of your advertising while discovering who your hottest leads are.
  2. Make your main offer: After they opt-in, use this moment to let your new lead know exactly what you sell. Or you can send them to a webinar or a consult booking page where you can more effectively sell your offer.

Two Low-Cost Ads That Increase Sales

Even though you're getting quality leads that you can sell to, it doesn't mean they're all ready to buy right away. They often need more interactions with you and your brand before they buy from you.

There are two low-cost ads that you can run to help you get closer to closing the sale.

Video View Ads: these ads can cost as little as $0.31 per thru play (if you have a small audience). If you strategically show a video that helps them make a buying decision, this low-cost ad will help you earn a return on your investment.

Reach Ads: With only $20, you can announce to your warm audience that you've got a special price or bonus available for a limited time. (I've seen an incredible amount of sales come from this ad because it pairs urgency with opportunity - it gets the best bang for you buck!)

If you want to learn when to run each of the 3 ads I mentioned during a campaign, check out the Facebook Ads Revenue Workshop for free. I'll go through how to create a sales plan, how to schedule out your ads, and the type of messaging you need to include in your marketing to drive sales.

This process works when you consistently commit to ads and commit to providing value to your new leads.  At the end of the workshop, you'll know how to use ads to move leads through the customer journey and on to a sale.

If you're ready to learn how to create conversion ads to grow your email list with qualified leads, checkout Fast Track Facebook Ads! In less than 2 hours of training, you'll learn how to set up your ads so you can start getting new leads in the next few days.

 Amber McDuffie is a digital marketer and content creator who teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully market their business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

2 Facebook Ad Copy Templates 

2 ways to write compelling copy that will lower your ad costs and grow your email list with leads that you can convert to clients.


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