The Impossibly Doable Reach Ad

Sep 26, 2022

I wanted to run Google ads (and may still one day). So back in March, I started searching for someone to teach it to me.

I was a course creator's dream because I was ready to pay to learn the info right away.

And as Facebook does, it noticed my online habits and started sending me ads for Google ads teachers.

"I get targeted ads that are right on time."

I'm probably one of the few people who hasn't opted out of tracking on Facebook, and this is a perfect example of why I haven't - I get targeted ads that are right on time!

So I finally see an ad for someone I resonated with who teaches Google ads. I ended up joining her email list and even reached out to her about her signature course.

Her group coaching program wasn't open at the time, but I was invited to buy the self-study course in the meantime.

I thought, "Nah...I'll wait for the group coaching. It'll open up in just a few weeks."

The Problem: I changed my mind! And there was nothing and no one who could change it back.

Not an ad,...

Not an email...

Not the perfect sales pitch...

Because I had firmly decided to defer my Google ads journey. It had nothing to do with the coach or her program. I just knew what I wanted and what I didn't want.

And the Google ads coach knew better than to count on people like me to meet her goals. So she continued to run ads (I checked in the ads library) to find people who would be ready to buy at the time of her launch.

But that's only ONE way to meet your sales goals.

There's a 2nd way. And it's IMPOSSIBLY DOABLE for people who have a small budget and limited to no experience with Facebook ads.

I shared the strategy in my recent YouTube video in more detail, but no worries I'll share the best parts here!

As per my example above, if you have an email list of targeted leads that aren't buying your current program, chances are they're not going to buy it (at least not right now).

But if you really think about the problems they need solved now, and you can create a new offer that immediately addresses their needs, you can quickly reignite their interest, solve a real problem, make some money, and everybody wins.

The Strategy: Use Reach Ads to launch your new offer for a short 5-day period. 

One of the biggest problems that launches have is getting the word out that the launch is actually happening! Reach ads are PERFECT for announcing offers to your warm audience so that you can find the people who are ready to buy it.

The Budget: Minimum ad spend of $50.

Yes, even with $50 you can get your launch seen by your warmest audience. Let's say you have 200 email subscribers. You'll import them into Facebook and send your reach ad to them ideally 3 times within the launch period.

Lookout for an email this week with instructions on how to get your audience into Facebook Business Manager

Because this strategy is so doable,

...I'm going to strongly encourage you to try it if you're at all looking to generate sales. 💰

I'll also be sending out a free training to help you customize your budget based on the size of your warm audience.

The Funnel: Reach ad --> Checkout Page

You can keep it pretty simple for this strategy. Instead of creating a whole sales page for your first launch of this offer, just create a checkout page with all the decision-making info on it. The rest of the sales work will be done via email.

Not bad, right? A reach ad and a checkout page.

Reach ads are commonly overlooked and underused by new Facebook ad users, but it's one of the best ads to get a great return on investment. 

Think about it...$50 on ads! One sale alone would recover what you spend.

Stay tuned 🔔...there's more to come on this strategy so you can actually put it to use and generate sales.

If you want the full details of the strategy in my YouTube video, I've just fast forwarded to 10:25 to get right to it!


There are really only 2 ways to consistently make sales: 1) get new people on your list to sell to using conversion ads; 2) sell something new to your current list. The Doable Reach Ad That Sells is coming soon and will help you with the 2nd strategy.

Amber McDuffie is a Marketing Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist who teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully market their business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

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