The Invisible Work That Gets 2 New Clients Per Month

Apr 07, 2023

The person who consistently gets 2 sales a month is a different person from the one who isn’t getting consistent sales currently.

…And yet, I’m talking about the same exact person, just at different points on their journey.

Elevating as a business owner is so much more than mindset work.

It's literally about who you're being every day.

Sure, elevating as a business owner starts in your thinking.

How would the owner of a growing business think?

But then also, how would they feel, what would they do?

Now here’s the work.

You’ve got to be that person now.

And I don’t just mean be that person by taking action, running Facebook ads and magically making a transformation.

I mean be that person by how you view your business, how you talk to people about your business, and how you show up daily for your business.

For example…

The business owner who isn’t getting consistent clients might feel defeated more often than they feel motivated or fulfilled.

Defeat is an emotional reaction to the current evidence.

But a business owner who is getting 2 new clients every single month doesn’t show up feeling defeated.

(And this isn’t about ignoring your emotions. It’s about acknowledging them and intentionally changing them when you have the strength to do so.)

So how would you, as a business owner with a consistent flow of clients, feel, think, and act?

(It’s important to have a clear answer to this question.)

You actually have to practice feeling that now, even in the absence of the evidence.

And here’s how that changes things in the present (even before you start getting 2 clients per month)…

  •  You have time freed up in your mind…time that used to be occupied with defeat…and now that time is used to hear ideas for what you can do to make the right improvements. Things like lead magnet ideas, email subject lines, better headlines in your offer copy. Your mind now has time to be filled with higher level thinking. That’s not magic at all.
  •  The practical part - you can now look at data objectively and make decisions for your business that aren’t based on emotions.

But when I say “you have to embody it,” I mean you have to think, BE, and feel like that person you want to be now.

Acknowledge the moments when you slip up and you’re not being your ideal self, and then change it. This is every day.

(Sometimes it’s hard because you’re human, and you have a range of emotions. But the reward will still come when you try to change more often than not…it’ll even become more automatic.)

I practice first in meditation (some people journal - I kind of do both) and that gives me fresh inspiration for the day to continue to be my elevated self or to change when I’m not.

This type of transformation will do more for your business than any Facebook ad or sales process could ever do alone.

 Amber McDuffie is a Marketing Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist who teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully market their business using Facebook and Instagram ads. 

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The Invisible Work That Gets 2 New Clients Per Month

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