The Non-Negotiable Facebook Ad

Sep 21, 2022

The budget gets tight when business isn't growing. "Hmm...maybe I'll just go back to organic marketing for a while. It's free."

Remembering how that didn't pan out the last time you tried it, you ignore the red flags because a fire idea for a post and a story just came to you. It's gotta work.

Some loyal followers comment and even save the post. You must be on to something. Surely you'll get a sale this time.

One week, a couple of new followers, and no sales later, you're at a loss for what to do.

TRY THIS: Just focus on one main marketing strategy, which is to get more leads. Conversion ads optimized for leads is a non-negotiable ad in your growth strategy. New leads means that you'll have interested targeted email subscribers that you can sell to now and later.

THE BUDGET: $100 at $5 per lead = 20 new leads. $250 at $5 per lead = 50 new leads. $500 at $5 per lead equals 100 new leads.

Very doable. 


FB Ad --> Lead Magnet --> Offer

As soon as they join your list, they'll get an opportunity to buy your offer. And if they don't buy right away, you can follow up via email. Avoid the aggravating let down of organic social media and start growing your email list daily with Facebook/Instagram ads.

 Amber McDuffie is a Marketing Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist who teaches entrepreneurs how to successfully market their business using Facebook and Instagram ads.

2 Facebook Ad Copy Templates 

2 ways to write compelling copy that will lower your ad costs and grow your email list with leads that you can convert to clients.


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