$3,000.00 USD

ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup

...WITHOUT the monthly agency fee!

More sales...wait, scratch that more sales

More CONSISTENT sales!

That's what's needed.

Sales are the legitimizer of a thriving business and yet somehow they seem just out of reach.

Sales exist in the vision you have for your business, but the path might be foggy and your patience is running out.

Sending more emails and making more social posts so far haven't brought the sales in...so then what?

Follow the rule of newness:

  • Get New Leads - A percentage of your new leads will need your offer now. Run a conversion ad to get new leads consistently, and you'll get sales consistently. Then sales ramp up as you add more leads who'll be ready to buy later.

Sound doable enough?

Okay, great, let's get you started...

Introducing: ASAP! Facebook Ads Setup

...WITHOUT the monthly agency fee!

Would you like to get your lead ads and welcome sales-email sequence created and setup for you ASAP...

But avoid paying an ongoing management fee to an ads agency?

Here's how it works. I'll...

  • Set up your Facebook conversion ads (ad copy and creative included)
  • Write your sales email welcome sequence
  • Audit and optimize your lead magnet and opt-in page
  • Provide a 1:1 training and a customized video teaching you how to maintain your ads

The urgency you're facing to get more leads can be satisfied even if you don't know how to run ads yet! 🙌🏽

I'll get you started and then pass you the baton once you're up, running and generating leads.

With this service, you'll have a solution for getting more leads so you can start creating sales opportunities...

And it can be completed in only 1-2 weeks depending on your schedule.

This is your fast pass to the front of the line - no more waiting for leads! 🏃🏽‍♀️💨

"All from Facebook ads?"


As a 5-year Facebook ads specialist, I know what works to attract the right leads who not only joined my client's email list...

But also signed up for a consult call to hear more about her grant writing consultancy.

Would you like to have ads and emails that do this for you, too?

If so, then grab one of the limited spots I have reserved for ASAP Facebook Ads Setup.

(Yes, there are only limited spots because...well, personal capacity! I'm fulfilling this service myself, and I want to make sure I have the time to get it done for you quickly and with the highest quality.)

And don't worry if you don't conduct sales calls...

This process works for online sales pages as well.

What It Takes To Get Your Ads Setup ASAP

  • A Marketing Assessment and Intake Form that provides pertinent details about your business
  • 1:1 Zoom meeting to create and initiate your customized Facebook ads plan (Opt-in page audit and optimization included in this meeting)
  • 1-2 weeks to setup and deliver the Facebook ads and email sequence
  • 30 days of follow up optimization and monitoring
  • 1:1 Zoom meeting to train you on Facebook ad maintenance

What You'll Need

  • Minimum $500 monthly Facebook ads budget recommended
  • A lead magnet aligned to the offer you'd like to promote, and an opt-in page for the lead magnet
  • A Facebook business page (An Instagram professional account is not required)

There are limited spots available for this service...

So act fast...once they're gone, they're gone.

If you're ready to start getting leads and creating sales opportunities, sign up today!


What People Are Saying:

We had a great success rate not only for our opt-in page, but for booked calls. Huge shout out to Amber for her Facebook Ads Management...it was a time saver!

Bejanae Kareem